I see we have your attention then?

If you've been searching amongst the general population for suitably sophisticated, educated, articulated, attractive and like-minded individuals or couples who are on the same quest as you?

Look no further, as you'll find only them at our invite-only events.


Our screening process in which you shall be required to submit at a minimum:

  • Be at least 18 years to 55 years old.
  • Enjoy sex and exploring your sexual horizons as a swingle (M or F) or couple.
  • Body pics (no face required - if uncomfortable)
  • Absolute discretion & respect
  • Well presented with excellent personal hygiene¬†(if you smell good, you're likely to taste good !)
  • Brief meet or chat with our representative to determine that this group is right for you.
  • Fill out our membership application form and pay a small annual subscription fee (see membership page for details).
  • Most importantly, a have a great attitude, sense of humour and positive, flirty demeanour like the rest of us.


If you meet the requirements, register now!